Your Complete Marketing & Creative Team

Stop carrying that extra weight on your shoulders and let us become your creative and marketing partner.

JLK Creative was founded in 2002 to fill a void between large cost heavy agencies, which many small to mid-size companies can’t afford, and in turn leads many companies to headaches of managing freelancers or siloed vendors.

The JLK Team works hand in hand with our clients and has mastered the skills that help elevate brand awareness, marketing strategies, conceptual design and programming, which has led our team to be a complete source for all marketing and sales materials you’ll ever need to create.

Are you a Marketing Consultant, PR Firm, Business Consultant or Sales Trainer?

The JLK Creative team can also work effectively behind the scenes with you for your clients. We do this under your umbrella or through an initial introduction to the client. Our team can manage all aspects of a project, including collaborating with third parties.

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Having a vision is the easy part, but turning it into a reality not so much, that is where we come in. We pride ourselves on surpassing our client’s expectations by creating a stress-free experience and delivering above industry standard results.

Our comprehensive team will be at your fingertips.

• Our copywriters are able to uncover the minute details of your services/products and develop content that get’s prospects/customers engaged in order to take action.

• We pair our designers with the specific objectives and style of each client, thus providing a unique and truly creative partnership.

• The knowledge and experience that our Programming Team brings allows us to build anything from lead-gen, high content-based website, ecommerce and aggregate feed sites while using a variety of platforms.

• Our strategic PPC, SEO and Video partners provide an additional resource to cover your lead-gen and storytelling needs.