TradeShow FB Marketing

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Medipaw Wound Management products help dogs and cats recover from surgeries, injuries, and other medical concerns.

Problem, Goals, Objective

Due to the prohibitive costs to attend dozens of industry trade shows, the JLK team used FB to build brand awareness for Medipaw at important global trade shows.

Our Process

The first step was to identify the geographic locations of each event. We also identified which events would be attended by a authorized Medipaw distributor and co-branded the ads. In instances where English was not the primary language we ran ads in the local language.

The Solution

A series of Facebook ads were created which began running 2 weeks prior to each event with a high frequency so that show attendees would be familiar with the brand prior to the show. We track results through UTM codes, FB analytics and Google Analytics. In addition attendees were asked to mention secret phrases when they went to the Medipaw booth in order to get a free product sample.


  • Ads reached over half million people
  • Over 500 qualified website engagements
  • Impressions were less than $0.004 each
  • Increased traffic to trade show booth and follow up opportunities