Out of the box thinking paired with analytical strategy.

Creative companies can make anything look pretty, but that isn’t enough as it doesn’t help a business stand-out and generate revenue.

Our Process. Phase 1- Let’s Investigate

After getting started, our “deep-dive” process allows our team to pinpoint measurable and obtainable goals.

• We will uncover the obstacles that have prevented you from reaching those goals in the past.

• A strategic questionnaire gives us the ability to develop an action plan to surpass your goals.

• We involve key team members such as copy writers, designers, programers and our project manager so that everyone is on the same page from day one.

Phase 2- Get Inspired

Start by thinking of your brand and company as a person; from how you present yourself, to the tone of your delivery-witty or serious, what kind of person do you attract at a networking event or party?

• Once a persona is created for your business, the next step is bringing it to life which includes careful consideration of color, typography, imagery, messaging and design elements.

• There is more to making your marketing assets look pretty, you need to tell a story that evokes curiosity and get’s people to take action.

• Our writers and designers will develop a memorable concept that evokes curiosity and gets people to engage.

Phase 3- Center of Attention

The ultimate goal is to obtain the highest performing ROI.

• We pay careful attention to the nuances of your business and industry to roll out a marketing strategy that fits your unique business and goals.

• Our team will recommend what technology and platforms should be implemented to ensure the right CRM and systems are in place to track all aspects of your website, social and even in-bound lead generated calls.

• Ongoing monthly strategy and review calls ensure we continually maximize brand awareness and lead generation.