Analyzing your complete online presence

Is your online presence helping or hurting your business and where are you losing money?

As a smart business owner, you need easy access to understand which marketing strategies are working and those that are costing you time and money.

Google Analytics is an overwhelming platform.  Not only is it difficult to find information, but to know what it all means.

We make it easy with our Complete Online Marketing Audit.
Within a week, you’ll discover:
• How to improve the experience when prospects and customers visit your website.
• Simple techniques to allow you to track conversions such as email and phone clicks, even if a form is not being filled out.
• If your website meets Google’s mobile test.
• Is your website loading slow, resulting in people leaving your website within a few seconds.
• How you can re-organize your web content to get more engagement.
• How to fix inconsistency in the branding and messaging on your social media accounts.
• How to define your target audiences using our interactive guide.
• Your online reputation grade to see how trusted your brand is.
• All online negative reviews for your business and we’ll tell you how to fix them.
• If your prospective customers can find reputable online videos for you or not.

Are you ready to get an actionable roadmap and recommendations on how you can improve user engagement on your website, convert more visitors to leads and improve the online reputation of your company?

See for yourself how maximizing your online presence will make a huge impact for your business.