More than 50% of Americans use social media every day!

For many serviced-based businesses, social media is a strategic and cost effective way to reach your customers.

Unlike traditional media, it provides the ability to pinpoint who see’s your campaign. The end result are prospects who are interested in your service, will see your ad.

Facebook Marketing

Advertising on Facebook is one of the most cost effective options that exists as it allows us to target your ads to a specific audience that would be interested in your event, website, store, app and more. We use robust reporting tools that allow us to see daily results for your ad campaigns and make adjustments to maximize clicks and engagement.

We can also operate a FaceBook campaign for a smaller budget then Google Adwords which relies on the user to search for something which they will then see your ad. The main difference is that with FaceBook, your ads will automatically appear in the user’s FaceBook news feed.

LinkedIn Lead Building

People are doing REAL business on LinkedIn. Connections are NOT just being made, but solid relationships are being built and “Real Deals” are being closed for the benefit of both parties.

Engage with thousands of people on LinkedIn monthly and fill your schedule with real prospects from your target market. We’ll find prospects in your specific niche and target them with laser focus and get them to engage with you in a positive manner.

How Lead Building Works
The first step is deciding if an individual or sales team will be using the program. To start, we use your profile or the person responsible for new business. From there we will:

EDIT YOUR PROFILE – Your LinkedIn profile design is CRUCIAL to your success. We’ll modify your profile with the right information to maximize searchability and communication to get a prospect interested.

FIND YOUR TARGET MARKET – Through the brand discovery process, we’ll identify your target market’s on LinkedIn, sending invites to ONLY those companies you want to do business with.

CONNECT WITH POTENTIAL CLIENTS – We not only help you find potential clients, but we also assist you in engaging prospects at a level that produces quality relationships and revenue.

CREATE MEANINGFUL MESSAGING – We’ll write a sequence of automated messages to be sent via the platform to engage with your prospects in a professional, profitable manner.

Digital Marketing is a MUST for EVERY Company. The question is which platform(s) are best for YOUR business.

Get the Social Media Guide for Service Based Businesses to Find Out.

Athletic Recruiting Service

  • This FB campaign generated over 8,000 visits to our clients website in one month
  • More than 300,000 targeted athletes and parents viewed the ads over the course of 60 days
  • CPC’s were Less than $0.02 to reach Facebook users
  • We converted website visitors to the clients mailing list and signed up athletes

Pet Recovery & Protection Clothing

  • Amongst several different FB campaigns, over 69,000 veterinary technicians saw the ad
  • Ads were used to create buzz for 2 trade shows in Canada and London that resulted in brand awareness and traffic to their booth
  • Product demonstration videos were used in ads to demonstrate the effectiveness of its application
  • We successfully used FB ads to promote contests and a shelter donation program

HVAC/R Training Center

  • ABCO offers one of the most comprehensive HVAC & Refrigeration programs in the Northeast.
  • To promote their end of year classes, we ran regional ads within a 25 mile radius of each training center.
  • In less than 8 weeks, over 3,000 HVAC/R technicians in these regions saw the ad
  • Nearly 8% visited their website and training classes