Still relying on a simple ESP to grow your business?

Instead of sending emails to your entire list at arbitrary times, there is a better solution and marketing automation solves this problem.

Marketing Automation will give you the ability to target market your services, nurture prospective clients with “smart” emails and identify what specific contacts are most engaged and ready to buy.

If you answer yes to any of these, then a Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) is a fit for your business:

  • You aren’t generating enough leads
  • No easy way to qualify leads
  • No way to effectively nurture leads
  • Big gaps in follow-up from your or your sales team with prospects
  • Can’t see the leaks in your sales pipeline
  • You don’t know which marketing tactics are driving revenue

We have earned a Silver Partner status with a leading Automated Marketing platform called SharpSpring. Watch the video below for a quick overview of how SharpSpring can transform the way you think about your contacts database, email marketing and sales process.

Are you still uncertain which CRM or Automated Marketing Platform is best for your business, let us guide you on some options.

Get a comparison on Pricing, Reviews and Features for the highest rated platforms.