Digital Marketing Audit


You’ve made a considerable investment in your website and social media, but do you know your true website performance?

Our Digital Marketing Audit Will Uncover:

  • The improvements that can be made on your current website
  • Your online reputation rating and quality of your reviews
  • If people are engaged with your website or leaving after a few seconds
  • What other sites are referring you traffic and how to capitalize on it
  • If your website is mobile compliant
  • Geographic areas where you should expand your marketing
  • Which Social Media platform(s) are the best for your business
  • If people are engaged with your video content


Get Actionable Insight You Can Apply Right Away

You will receive a simplified report along with a full analysis of our findings. A video will be sent to you highlighting the areas in where improvements can be made.

Stop assuming the your website, social media and online reputation is problem free. Sign up for the The Digital Marketing Audit today. We guarantee we’ll uncover issues that need to be fixed.

Going Beyond The Audit

The data and reports found in Google Analytics cfor companies can be overwhelming. Here at JLK Creative, we utilize an independent reporting software so the information is easier to absorb. Every marketing engagement includes a customized dashboard which is emailed to you at the beginning of every month which will access data from Google Analytics, AdWords and social media platforms. This actionable data helps make informed decisions about your website and social media performance and identifies ROI, engagement and issues that need to be fixed.

Learn how to uncover the true potential of your website and social media channels.