Our Approach

What happens when you don’t have the “right” marketing and creative partner?

Here are a few of the common marketing decisions and approaches that don’t work!

• You assume prospects understand why you’re better than your competitors and what makes you different.

• The same pitch is made to EVERYONE without identifying each target market’s unique pain points or challenges which means, you are not providing individual client specific solutions that solves their needs.

• You try a little bit of EVERYTHING to see what sticks without any rhyme, reason or budget.

• Emailing the same message to everyone, which in turn sends the wrong message to 80% of your contacts.

• Not knowing what to write about, how often to do it and troubleshooting issues in creating and publishing content.

• Headaches of managing freelancers/vendors who don’t get “your voice” resulting in no consistency in your brand design and message.

• Being overwhelmed by Google Analytics and not knowing what’s “working”.

Let us be your marketing partner.

Having a vision is many times the easy part. The part that is difficult it into something tangible. In order to bring your vision to fruition, there are severla skills that are required, luck for you our team of 15 has decades of experience with each person bringing their expertise to their specific skill. We pride ourselves on creating a stress-free experience delivering above industry standards when collaborating with our clients to ensure we exceed their expectations.

Here’s a sneak peak at our process:
• Market Research
• Brand Positioning & Marketing Strategy
• Identifying the “Right” Platforms (SEM, Social, Email, Print, Mail)
• Software Consideration to Improve Business Productivity
• Content Strategy
• Team Approach Provides Consistency in Messaging & Design
• Web & Server Maintenance
Routine Client Strategy Meetings

We’d love to have a quick chat to learn more about your unique challenges and goals.



Relationships are built on trust and longevity. We have both with our strategic partners who not only have years of experience with us, but also get to know our clients. JLK’s extended team of SEO/SEM Strategists, Video/Animation Artists, Printers, Fulfillment Centers, Fabricators and others help provide comprehensive services to fit your specific needs.